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(Note: Most of the answers given so far are based on the penal substitution model of atonement, which is confined largely to the Protestant wing of Christianity. However, this question was asked in the early days of Christianity.SE, before current standards were adopted regarding this site being about Christianity, not about the truth. (See "We can't handle ...


According to the Gospel of John Jesus was probably crucified on Nisan 14, the preparation Day, Thursday. John 19:14, John 19:31 and John 19:42. There was an extra Sabath that week on Friday the start of Feast of Unleaveded Bread. I doubt that there was ever a preparation day before the weekly sabath, Saturday. But I could be corrected.


According to reputable scholars the Sabbath was always on a Saturday. And, the day of the Passover Feast (which lasted a whole week ) would always be governed by the Hebrew calendar, a lunar calendar, and thus the Passover started on different days each year. However, we know from John's gospel that in the year Christ was crucified, the Passover AND the ...


Third hour...All hours are depicted by the sun. Noon=None. High None....High Noon. It is all very simple really. A third hour could be different on which side of the earth you are on at the time, hence different time zones. At the time it was approx. 3:15 when Christ was crucified...hence the opposite pull effect on the am side. The witching hour.

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