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Evangelism is Christian proselytizing To proselytize means to attempt to convert a person from one religion to another. To evangelize means to proselytize for Christianity.


A penitent should not go into any more details than absolutely necessary to reveal the sin. Confessors prefer that penitents get to the point and don't tell elaborate stories or be loquacious. If they need details or more context to assess the gravity of the sin, they will ask you. For example, if you confess "I killed a man.", it would be necessary to know ...


Mere Christianity means we are all christians if we believe the essential doctrines of the faith. A protestant does not need to become Catholic any more then a Catholic needs to become a Protestant. The things we differ on are insignificant, if a Jesus Christ died on the cross for you then we are all good. If he did not then that is another discussion all ...

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