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There are indeed some sins which cause excommunication simply by being committed. Such excommunications are called latae sententiae excommunications (in Latin, more or less, "[excommunications] of a hidden sentence"). Acts which can incur such an excommunication include: a physical assault against a bishop or the Pope; procurement of an abortion; ...


"Seeking moral advice" is not a confession, and so would not be subject to the strict seal of the confessional. However, if there is no need for the priest to divulge anything, then I would certainly expect something said in confidence to be kept confidential. To give a concrete example: If moral advice was sought as part of a sacramental confession, then ...


I asked a similar question here and the answer is no. If you're baptized, your sins are forgiven, if you die you go straight to heaven. Priests will often remind their congregations of this tonight and make us all jealous.

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