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I haven't been a Presbyterian for very long, but as part of my initiation as a member, I was told that part of the reason not to have an altar which is a closed box such as more liturgical churches have was to allow people to see that there was nothing magic hidden inside the box that would suggest that communion involves transubstantiation.


The Last Supper is practiced in many ways. Firstly, in some aspects, the Bible isn’t very specific. For example, the Bible says to dress modestly, but how do you interpret that? Some Churches dress in white cloaks, where as others just wear smart clothes. This leads to different denominations. Also, the Bible isn’t specific about if you should have alcohol ...


The Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament is the result of a confluence of two separate traditions dating back to the thirteenth century. Exposing the Blessed Sacrament for veneration in a monstrance grew out of special value being placed upon the act of looking at the elevation of the Eucharist at mass, probably as a form of protest against the theological ...

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