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Did the notion of “Youth Group” exist in the early church? The concept of "youth group" is relatively recent and parallels the development of classroom type education for children starting in the 1800s. The Biblical model of instruction is more family oriented and follows the apprenticeship model of instruction over the classroom model. Deuteronomy ...


Probably not. The picture of an "integrated" church is in mind when talking about early churches. Also, the unit of family has a bigger role in bringing the young ones to the faith.


Within the time period covered by the New Testament itself, and extending forward from that period historically, Christianity set itself apart from Judaism in two primary ways: Accepting Jesus Christ as the promised Messiah, a claim that was and still is explicitly rejected by the main body of Judaism. Rejecting observance of the Torah or Law of Moses as ...


How did Christian movement distinguish itself from Judaism? Early Christians did not try to distinguish themselves as a movement. They had hopes that the rest of the Jews would accept Jesus as their Savior. Such attempts at "branding" are more consistent with modern marketing techniques. The early church was entirely made up of Jews. They were sort of ...


In 70 CE, Second Temple Judaism came to an abrupt and traumatic end, with the destruction of the Temple and the enslavement of many leading Jews. Randall Price says in The Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls, page 137 (citing Dr. Lawrence Schiffman): Second Temple Judaism can now be seen as a transition period in which the sectarianism and apocalypticism of ...


There were many people involved in the formation of the Anglican church, and they had different purposes for it. The most prominent initial issue was of course Henry VIII's desire to get a divorce. But equally significant was the authority of Rome in England: Henry passed laws prohibiting legal appeals to Rome, and removing the church's authority to make ...


The split between the Anglican sect and Catholicism was mutual: Henry VIII made it clear he was forming a new sect separate from the Catholic Church when he declared himself, against the papacy, "Supreme Head of the Church of England." Pope Paul III excommunicated Henry VIII. Hence, there is no middle ground. (source)

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