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It can be argued that the interior of many Christian Churches, especially Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, and Lutheran, lies in the architecture specified for the Tabernacle (The tent constructed during the Exodus) and the Temple in the old textament, where there were three area set aside for specific purposes. The area where the Altar is located in the ...


Within Baptist churches, there tends to be a significant number of ordinal and locational church names, although the modern trend is to eschew both "Baptist" and incorporate more soteriological concepts. So, let me unpack that: Ordinal naming Baptists are a highly missiological group - they want to plant as many churches as they can, and are often highly ...


Catholic Parishes are faith communities named after a Catholic Saint; a combination of Saijts whose names appear together in the Liturgy of the Mass; a title of Our Lady; or a title of the Holy Trinity. Examples: St. Augustine Parish Sts. Pepetua and Felicity Parish Holy Mother of Consolation Parish Divine Mercy Parish

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