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The study you cite is an early attempt at wordprint analysis of the Book of Mormon. If you are interested in looking at attempts to identify authorship of portions of the Book of Mormon using this technique, you could look through the sources cited in this Wikipedia section. There have been a number of attempts at this type of analysis, and some of the ...


No, the Nephites arrived in America around 600 B.C., long before Alexander Helios' days, with a much smaller group, on a single ship, and without their worldly treasures. The Nephites are considered Jewish, not Egyptian, except for a remnant of their written language which was reformed from the Egyptian.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced today the publication of more primary records and artifacts related to the translation of the Book of Mormon which, remarkably, sheds more valuable light on the translation process. To quote the press release: A new volume of “The Joseph Smith Papers Project” featuring the printer’s manuscript of ...


I have a similar need for authorship broken down by internal evidence in the Book of Mormon. Something that gets problematic is deciding what authorship means, anyways. Is Nephi the author when he is quoting Isaiah wholesale, or is Nephi? When Mormon summarizes a bunch of things Mosiah said, who is the author? What if there is an introductory phrase from an ...

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