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Although there is no mention of how many scribes were lying I believe there were some who were true in their duties of copying scripture. In I Kings 19:14 Elijah believes he is the only one left who is jealous for the Lord but in verse 18 he is told that there are 7,000 who have not bowed the knee to Baal. My point being that only God knows the full scope of ...


You are starting from three incorrect postulates: Scribes are just copyists, not interpreters of the law. The doctrine of preservation of scripture is the same as inerrancy. Variants have semantic importance All three of those need to be true for your statement to make sense. Unfortunately, none of them are. 1. Scribes aren't just secretaries. They are ...


It is ironic that your question would make a statement concerning the legitimacy of the Word of God when Jeremiah asked the same question to God’s people. In context, this verse is revealing how they would take God’s word and change it “falsely.” This was spoken by Jeremiah in the context of God’s people leaving God, and living their own lives as if they ...


If you read the whole chapter you'll see that this verse talks about teachers of the law spreading false interpretations of it. It is not about alterations of the OT scriptures themselves.

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