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Oxford University Press prints large numbers of Catholic Bibles, But each diocese, Catholic Book/Bible supplier purchases such from their preferred supplier, there are 1.2 billion professed Catholics the sheer volume of Catholic Bibles and their various languages translation means there are numerous printers of bibles. Many Catholics myself included who are ...


The bible talks about a generic "fruit"; but in latin, the word from apple (malum) has the same sound of the word for evil (mālum)... so, during middle age, artists started to represent the forbidden fruit as an apple.


First of all the B'rit Hadashah was not wrote in greek. It was translated from Hebrew to greek. When you all say 600-60-6 you are saying 600-66 that's not correct. It's 600-60 and 6. Not sixty six. That has a total different meaning. Don't go by the greek!! Go by the Hebrew. Yeshua was not a greek and he didn't go around speaking greek. In all actuality the ...

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