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The decisions you mention really are the major issues, but one other point has gotten notice as well. Inclusive Language The article The NRSV vs the ESV, while critical of both translations, says of the NRSV: The main change found in the NRSV, and that which has been the most controversial, is its elimination of masculine-oriented language. The NRSV ...


It is not so much as that its missing it is that some people are mislead into think that it contradicts the bible they believe in. So people come to the conclusion of removing it and solving all the problems this happens to many and many people reading on thinking it is a typo. In nkjv the verses says \Now as they went down the road, they came to some water. ...


As a German I know which is the best. Easy to read but not as accurate as Elberfelder to the basic-text is the Luther 2009. The most accurate Version of German Bibles is the Elberfelder Bible. The Elberfelder is the only German version that is accepted by the Catholic Church.

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