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I was able to snag a copy on eBay. Apparently the 1901 ASV was given some popularity by the Apologist Greg Bahnsen who actually loved the ASV. It was his Bible of choice. As many know, Bahnsen was no light weight and took his translation seriously.


I regard this question and its answer so important that I think it merits some more attention and especially the implied question in the example given by Greg" "For example, are Jesus' words more important than Paul's?" A lot has already been said about the fact that the word "γραφή" or "graphē" can only refer to writings from the old testament. It is ...


I think the best way to answer this question is to focus on what disputes there are about the canon of scripture between Protestants, Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians (The Big 3). First, a brief summary on how the translation is done (roughly) Everything that folks said in the answers above is true: the original copies of all the books of ...

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