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No. White is usually recommended, though. It is more practical, since the jumpsuits are also white.


Baptism in the early church was modeled after the Mikvah immersions of Judaism.[1] The Mikvahs were done in the nude.[2] I believe that the baptism of John the Baptist was very similar to the Mikvah immersions.[3] The difference [4] was that (1) All people now had to immersed (not just proselytes to Judaism), (2) this immersion was in the nude and was an ...


Tertullian comments on this issue, at some length. I confess, I don't quite understand what he is saying---if indeed he is saying anything or just blathering on aimlessly---but I will quote him entirely (source): When, however, the prescript is laid down that “without baptism, salvation is attainable by none” (chiefly on the ground of that declaration ...

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