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Anonymous answered your question because these quotes are from early church fathers, describing their thoughts as to whether or not the apostles were baptized. I would like to add a few points, mainly to clarify the difference between Tertullian and Aquinas, but also to question the (common) premise that the New Testament doesn't record the baptism of the ...


One of my favorite go-to books on this kind of topic is St. Augustine's De Consensu Evangelistarum, which includes a chapter on the calling of the apostles. The full chapter is worth a read, but here is my breakdown of it as it applies to this specific question. Statement of the Difficulty 37 The question may indeed be raised as to how John gives us ...


The disciples cited requirements they felt were applicable when considering the need/ or lack of need to replace Judas. They name "having been with" Christ as a requirement...thus there cannot be a succession beyond that generation.

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