Referring to the Church of England or those churches in other countries that are in full Communion with it (e.g. The Episcopal Church in the US)

Anglicanism refers to a set of churches which were formed in tEngland in the 1530s, when Henry VIII broke with the Pope in Rome. The Anglican style of worship is characterized by elements of both the Reformers and Catholic tradition, often called the Anglo-Catholic tradition. Theology is often grounded in the via media or Middle Way, meaning that it is often midway between Catholic and Reformed theology.

The Anglican Communion is headed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, and includes churches from all over the world - most notably in Africa and he United States. In the United States, the Episcopal Churchis technically an Anglican body that broke away from the Anglican church shortly after the American Revolution. There are Anglican churches in the United States that are not associated with the Episcopal church, including CANA, ACTA, AMiA, and other churches which Either never severed ties with Canterbury, or which have rejoined Canterbury, via Africa, over questions of who showed be eligible for priestly ordination. (Women and homosexual groups cause the most division amongst the various Anglo-Catholics)

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