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"You speak Greek do you?" the commander asked. "Then you are not that Egyptian fellow who some time ago started a revolution and led four thousand armed terrorists out into the desert?" Acts 21: 38 (Good News Bible) The important point brought to light by the Good News Bible translation is that Paul could speak Greek and that he was willing to speak Greek - ...


Here is a summary of what I found on this subject : The Greek word for “dagger men”, used in the the quoted verse, is derived from the Latin sicarii, which means “users of the sica,” or dagger. First-century historian Flavius Josephus describes the Sicarii as a band of fanatic Jewish patriots, unrelenting enemies of Rome, who engaged in organized political ...


You are correct. Asia as referred to in the bible was a province in the Roman Empire. See: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asia_(Roman_province) For further information, refer to the etymology section of the main Wikipedia article on Asia.

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