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If I may, in my honest opinion I believe that the relationship that Abraham had established with God was so much deeper than his wife Sarah. Remember, this was not Abraham's first time speaking or hearing from the Lord. It was a constant in his life; whereas, Sarah's interaction with the Lord of Hosts are very limited. Which limits her relationship and thus ...


The effect of the 'fall' had not completely kicked in.. The women of old held onto their youth and beauty a lot longer and the first few generations even after the flood still had longevity.. It is very possible that in the first millennium that 60 was the 'new 30'


Catholic Perspective The Navarre Bible - Pentateuch explanatory note on Gen 18:1-15 has in part: This new appearance of God to Abraham is somewhat mysterious: the three men stand for God. When Abraham speaks to them, sometimes he addresses them in singular (as if there were only one person there: cf. v.3), and sometimes in the plural (as if they ...

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