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× 700
The Catholic Church and its views and teachings on specific subjects.
× 548
Jesus of Nazareth, generally held by Christians to be God incarnate.
× 540
Questions about the history, composition and canon of the Bible. Don't use this tag for beliefs and practices in the Bible.
× 404
the way in which a practice or belief is derived from Scripture.
× 302
the critical interpretation of a Biblical text, to explore its meaning, significance and relevance.
× 296
for questions about the history of the church, from the time of Acts to the present.
× 272
The nature of God includes all aspects and characteristics attributed directly to the person of God, possibly including all the omni- aspects (e.g. omniscience), love, hate, persons (e.g. the Trinity)…
× 223
an act or state of disobedience towards God.
× 213
the study of the mechanisms by which an individual is saved
× 184
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly called Mormons
× 166
a broad tradition inside of Christianity having started as a break away from the then Roman Catholic Church during the Middle Ages that today includes a wide variety of different deno…
× 156
the first book of the Old Testament, a narrative starting with creation.
× 147
comprised of the writings of ancient Israel held sacred by both Jews and Christians.
× 145
a place of eternal life, in the presence of God.
× 142
The doctrine of the three-personhood of God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; who, though existing in three distinct persons and work towards different arenas, are the same God, of the same mind, and the…
× 135
The way in which believers communicate to God
× 131
The process whereby God brought the heavens and the earth, and all of their diverse contents, into existence
× 122
The second part of the Christian Biblical canon, dealing with the life of Jesus and the teachings and history of the early church. Could also refer to the new covenant.
× 118
the academic study of God and religion
× 109
Belief, trust, and loyalty towards God, Jesus, and the Christian religion.
× 99
a lifelong covenant between man and woman
× 98
Relating to "the Evil One," often called Lucifer, the Devil, Beelzebub, or Satan.
× 90
A ritual or symbol of admission to the body of Christians, generally performed by immersion or sprinkling with water.
× 89
the part of theology concerned with the final events in history
× 86
Doctrine, practice, saints and other topics around Eastern Orthodox (Greek, Russian etc.) Church.
× 85
the communication of messages directly received from God, either in biblical or modern times.
× 85
Mary (the mother of Jesus)
× 80
Questions regarding different translations of the Bible from the original Hebrew and Greek texts.
× 79
the different Christian groups that, while they all still believe in God, differ in some key points.
× 79
Questions concerning the office and the role of the pope.
× 79
a place of suffering and punishment in the afterlife
× 77
Rules and regulations established in the Old Testament by God through Moses
× 77
The history of the Church from the book of Acts and after
× 75
An explanation of the bible or way of explaining the bible.
× 72
spiritual beings often depicted as messengers of God in the Old Testament and New Testament
× 72
A sacrament initiated by Jesus where his followers remember his death on the cross by eating bread and wine