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What is essential to be a Christian? In other words, what are the necessary and sufficient condition that a person with them can be called Christian and without them cannot be called a Christian? What is common between all Christians across the world since the time of Jesus?

I am looking for minimum conditions that whoever satisfies them can be called Christian and a person without them cannot be called Christian. I want to understand the requirements for being a Christian which are common between all Christians, early Christians, Catholic, Protestants, Orthodox, ...

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Welcome to Christianity.SE! Unfortunately, as was decided long, long ago (in Christianity.SE vs. Survivor and Brothers, we are not Christians), this is a question we avoid. Hence, I'm closing it. However, please do understand that you can still post other questions you have; this one just happened to be one we won't cover. – El'endia Starman Aug 7 '12 at 6:15

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