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If Adam had committed original sin by eating fruit from the forbidden tree, what would be this world like today?

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Depends, do you take the story literally or not? Do you believe in free will or not? Do you believe that there is a plan and everything that happens is part of that plan? –  user1054 Jul 3 '12 at 20:29
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What is described as the direct consequences of this act (*) Genesis 3:13-19 is Adam and Eve being punished. They will have to work hard to survive and have a family, and they are cast out of the garden of Eden.

Based on the world that is described in the first two chapters of Genesis, it seems like this is a change from a world of abondance and bliss (or absense of sorrow, depending on the interpretations) to a world where things have to be worked for, and where sorrow is very present.

I believe that most Christian doctrines hold that the transgression of Adam and Eve has stripped human nature from it's original sanctity, created suffering and given humans a penchant for sin against which they have to fight to be redeemed.

(*) The term "Original Sin", for a lot of Christians, refers to the state humans are born in (not holy), and not to the act of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit.

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