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What are the differences being a Christian will make in this life (on earth not entrance into heaven or hell)?

Or is it just a group identity of a hopeful passage into Heaven upon the next life and really will not make much difference on this earth if it is ruled by the fall of man?

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I'm not sure what you mean by "on a personal scale".

Being a Christian can (should!) change oneself to model oneself more closely on Christ and follow his teachings.

It can also affect others on a personal scale: William Booth and Edith Cavell are two modern examples who come immediately to mind, but there are many, many more stretching back into antiquity (for example, monastic orders who provided education and healthcare).

It's not simply a group identity as you propose, although of course there is the sure and certain hope of resurrection to new life. However, even if someone should like the idea of Heaven in the next life, or feel there should be more to this present life than they have, it's my experience that investigating that by joining a congregation will convince them of what it is to know Christ and that is their entry to Heaven. That sounds really evangelical; but I'm Roman Catholic.

This probably won't be sufficient. Could you expand on your question?

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that does answer in an indirect way. The "personal scale" meant if person X went through life without being a Christian vs. if person X went through life being a Christian, what would the differences be in person X's life? –  Greg McNulty Mar 21 '12 at 21:42

What changes in the world will happen from being Christian? Well the biggest support for such things is simple... Look at the start of Christianity. 11 Uneducated fishermen, tax collectors, and zealots. What happened within 272 years of following Christs teachings (thus being a "Christian"), Constantine, in hope not to get shanked in the shower, converted the religion of the Roman empire to Christianity.

The goal of a Christian should be to change ones surroundings by living the example and SPEAKING the example (lots of people like to default to just living because its more "comfortable").

By the sense of this question, i have to simple guess your an American. American christianity has been in a malaise for some time now. Go to China, India, or Fiji and see what christianity can do to a culture.

Read Acts 18 - 19 (i believe right in that area) and you will read about the conversion of Ephesus. It went from being SUPER pagan to having its entire social-economic order changing from just a few "Christians" following what Christ said.

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What differences will being a Christian make in this life? Am not so sure off the question but i will give a general idea of to people a christian and a none christian sometimes they might look alike or having same life in you face but the is a big difference to their life and action now we don't talk about church goes but real christian

In the beginning of all things God created everything and he sate down and looked at the earth he released it was lonely something was missing and he said lets create a man in our on image then Adam was created " God never appeared in flesh but he is a spirit being" what dose this means to me and you simple we are of the spirit but not flesh.

The difference of being a christian in this life is where by you get more understanding of real who you are. This activate your spirit being because by know who you are you will be able to empower you real being over your flesh as it says "dust to dust, Spirit to Spirit"

God himself sent a massage saying fear not the one who destroys or kills the flesh than he who destroys or kill the spirit when you die in this world you have only separated from the flesh now to go to your original home

In some scriptures God said for these things you call them temple they are not my temple you build them for your own interest not mine i have my own temple that i have built with my own hands God was in that massage referring to the body.

A well equipped Christian know how to behave in an situation because he is not lead by emotions or feelings but by the spirit of God that lives in him his heart is filled with joy love peace self control and humbleness which leads to righteousness

And the word Christian means Christ like

Be blessed

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It sounds to me more gnostic than Christian. This site is not about Truth, but about beliefs of various groups identifying themself as Christians, so it's no problem giving unorthodox answers here (see our definition of a Christian), but it would be fair to specify whom you represent. –  Pavel Feb 6 '13 at 13:38

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