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I've been reading A Testament of Hope which is a compilation of sermons by the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. I also know he's a Baptist. (I even got to stand and preach for a minute in his pulpit last year!)

What I haven't seen is a lot of emphasis on the Gospel, but I'm not sure if that was a selection bias (since the book really is there to focus on his Social Gospel), or if that really is indicative of his preaching style.

Is there a good sermon that represents his view of salvation? (An altar call? A good theology? Bueller, Bueller!)

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You preached for a minute? Can you preach in our church, please? – Wikis Mar 22 '12 at 11:23
;) in all seriousness, I've mentored people who could make a 30 minute sermon feel like a minute and those who could make a 10 minute sermon feel like an hour. There's a little book called 'How to listen to A sermon" that can help. – Affable Geek Mar 25 '12 at 10:52
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I believe that it would be a bit of an anachronism to state that MLK followed what is today called Black Liberation Theology, but many followers of that theology point to him as a big part of their inspiration.

Black Liberation Theology focuses in it's view of salvation on liberation from earthly oppression. One would need to dig more deeply into MLK's writings to either support or deny this claim, however it makes sense as a starting point for discussion.

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