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Just a question that ought to have a concrete answer and be a good example for how the process of canonization works for my Religious Ed. class:

  1. Who has been declared blessed for the longest period of time without being canonized?
  2. Who is the oldest person to have been declared blessed (died shortest after Christ)?

Bonus points if anyone knows who has been 'venerable' or 'servant of God' for the longest or is the oldest

(Bonus points may be stored up and redeemed in Heaven, where neither moth nor worm may spoil them)

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Bede (d. 735) was called Venerable from the ninth century but not canonised until 1899, around 1000 years later. – Andrew Leach Oct 30 '13 at 13:48

Wikipedia has an article entitled List of Blesseds in the Catholic Church. One can click on the heading of the column giving the date of beatification. Doing so, the earliest that shows up is Gunther of Bohemia, who died in 1045; however, no date of beatification is given. The second in the list does give a beatification date of 1482 for Matthew Carrieri.

The external references for the article are:

  1. Catholic Online list of saints and blesseds
  2. Patron Saints Index

Wikipedia also has an article entitled List of Venerable People. The person in that list with the earliest date of declaration is María de Ágreda, declared venerable in 1673.

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