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Christianity and Straight edge movement - are they compatible?

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All I know about the Straight Edge movement is what I've just read in the introduction to that Wikipedia article. Based on that I'd say a tentative yes, they're compatible, other than the incorporation of Hare Krishna beliefs. As the Wikipedia article on Hare Krishna states, this is a form of Hinduism "in which aspirant devotees (bhaktas) dedicate their thoughts and actions towards pleasing the Supreme Lord, Krishna." This would conflict with Christianity in a big way, since Christians believe we should have no god before - well, God.

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Thank you, appropriate warning. – Max Gontar Sep 22 '11 at 14:29

I found a good article about a Christian punk band which tells how they were influenced by straight edge.

Straight edge is a counter-cultural lifestyle closely associated with the scene. It has existed since the hardcore band Minor Threat spearheaded it in the early '80s. Scene kids who adhere to the straight edge abstain from alcohol, tobacco, drugs and, in many cases, promiscuity. Although not all straight-edgers are Christians, the idea meshes well with Christianity, Kelly said.

I definitely think they are compatible. There is no reason someone who is straight edge can't be Christian.

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