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I have searched many sites to find evidence of the incorrupted body of St.Cecilia. But I failed to find any evidence of the real body, only statues of the saint. Can anyone help to find out real photo of the saint's incorrupted body?

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Why don't you share the story so the rest of will be brought up to speed on your request? – Steve Jul 19 '14 at 12:25
Welcome to the site. We are glad you decided to participate. Well, this is an odd question for this site. and does not really fit into one of the question types that the community finds acceptable. I don't really see it as harmful or likely to bring trolls, so I'm okay with it, but if you could edit in more details please and possibly a link about this St. Celia that would be great. – fredsbend Jul 19 '14 at 14:46
Related (but not a duplicate):… – bruised reed Jul 19 '14 at 18:10

Here is an article on the saint St. Cecilia | New Advent. It mentions the saint's body, but does not give an indication as to whether it is corrupt or not.

This may also be of interest: St. Cecilia

Mystics of the Church has:

Cases of incorruptibility go back a long way. The first saint whose body was found to be incorrupt was St. Cecilia, who was martyred in AD 177. Her remains were moved to a new site in 822, and in 1599 an exhumation revealed her body to be incorrupt. Over the centuries more than 100 cases of saints whose bodies have remained incorruptible have come to light, sometimes, as with St. Cecilia, many years after their death.

Photo of the Crypt of St.Cecilia

This photo in The crypt of St.Cecilia | The Christian Catacombs of Rome depicts he statue of St.Cecilia a copy of the celebrated work sculptured by Stefano Maderno in 1599.

From this artice Santa Cecilia in Trastevere - Rome, Italy - Sacred Destinations and this St Cecilia | MADERNO, Stefano, the statue represents the position in which St Cecilia's body was found. A section in the former has:

In front of the choir is a moving sculpture by Stefano Maderno of Cecilia's incorrupt body as it was found when exhumed in 1599. Contorted and yest somehow graceful, the statue is hignly unusual and has great emotional impact.

Long answer short: no display of the body itself and no pictures of the body itself for obvious reasons, should the body continue to be incorrupt [has cuts in the neck], the body would be as the statues depict it. Her relics are in Trastevere, in the basilica dedicated to her, since they were transferred there in 821.

St. Cecilia is a Patron Saint of Musicians, a good saint to be invoked in a family where say, the children are learning music.

PS You could also write to the Basilica.

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Wow, I've never seen Maderno's statue in situ. – Geremia Nov 22 '14 at 0:55

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