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I am a follower of Christ and am going to be a missionary. I am studying the culture and religion of the Yazidi (also spelled Yezidi) and I don't understand al-Hallaj. According to the Yazidi, is al-Hallaj Jesus or is he like Jesus?

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I have no first-hand experience, but Yazidi appears to be a syncretistic religion, in the same way that the Karuke Krishitan in Japan took elements of Christianity and folded it into their own religions. – Affable Geek Apr 4 '14 at 2:42
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Al-Hallaj was a sufi mystic from ~900 years after the time of Jesus. He was enamored of the Jesus he knew of, but his own sources and influence were primarily Islamic and his idea of who Jesus was matches the non-divine prophet of Islamic teaching rather that the divine savior of Christianity. He tried to live after the pattern of the stories he had and used some terminology from Christianity, but his self proclaimed identity is that of a follower of Jesus, not a re-incarnation of him.

Yazidi is a syncretisic blend of beliefs that is deeply animistic although it has stories, lingo and a few concepts borrowed from Islam and Christianity. Both of the latter deny any affiliation. Neither recognize him or his legacy as anything but that of a Sufi mystic.

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such an informative and succint answer deserves a reference or two to perfect it – bruised reed Apr 6 '14 at 16:26

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