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Like is there three Bibles per household on average... I am primarily interested in the US but in additional figure regarding the entire world would be wonderful. Thank you be blessed Jesus is Lord! You're definitely a nation Centerport it would be interesting to find out even how many Bibles are in stock at libraries warehouses bookshelves being produced annually etc. another smuggled overseas and definitely I know there's percentage of tourists and emigrants to this country I imagine we have a mighty proliferation of the word of God but I heard where people are being ostracized punished isolated tortured and worse for merely owning one page and we're one page must be passed around my dark of night to multiple households what are we doing with the ones we have there is an old saying stands to relate here what is worse illiteracy or the millions of people who know how to read and yet never open a book or if they do they're not reading one thing you could help make this world a better place he's coming soon let's get to work we got this this is our time plus do this thing glory to God!

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Websites like this one say over 6 billion, but I don't know how reliable it is. statisticbrain.com/bibles-printed –  curiousdannii Mar 25 at 8:08
Welcome to C.SE. Sounds like a fair question. But it sounds more like you are making a point. If you have a chance take some time to go over the Help Page for this site. –  deleteMe Mar 25 at 11:19
So what is the point you're trying to make, that we should export English Bibles to people who don't read English? –  david brainerd Mar 26 at 2:30
@davidbrainerd, I doubt that was the point. (But then, I doubt you think that was the point either.) –  Paul Draper Jun 22 at 15:06
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