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Is there any reference to Abraham building a house for worship in the Bible?

Where is the valley of Bakkah located?

In Islam they say Bakkah and Mecca are the same word, and the Kabah is built on the original foundation that Abraham build as the 1st place of worship.

Does Christianity recognize this at all or have a different location for Bakkah?

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Bakkah is the anglicanism and you're not likely to find any. Ishmael is not a significant figure in Christianity. – wax eagle Feb 24 '14 at 20:41

There is no reference to Abraham building a house of worship in the book of Genesis.

The only things that it is recorded that Abraham built were four altars to YHWH. He built two different altars in chapter 12, one in chapter 13, and another in chapter 22.

There is no record of Abraham ever building a dwelling (he is believed to have lived in tents), or a house of worship for God. The first record of God recieving a physical location in which he was to be worshiped was the Tabernacle in Exodus, and he did not have a building until the Temple was built during the time of Solomon.

Islam believes that Bakkah was the place where God provided water for Hagar and Ishmael, recorded in chapter 21 of Genesis. However, this is not a significant location for most Christians (that I am aware of), and Ishmael is not a significant figure in Christianity.

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