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Which denominations apart from Quakerism, if any other, were influenced by the teachings of German Protestant mystic Jakob Böhme?

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Quakers have had a lot of influence on other groups. Are you interested in the trickle down effect or only those he had direct interaction with? –  Caleb Jan 21 at 19:37
Thanks for your answer. Both, direct and indirect influences. –  user3033490 Jan 21 at 19:38
Someone is going to write a book to answer this question. –  The Freemason Jan 21 at 19:54
Some guidance on the topic would suffice.. –  user3033490 Jan 21 at 19:56
Agree with Freemason here, this is a book topic, not an SE question, you'll need to narrow it down. –  wax eagle Jan 24 at 2:49

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His Wikipedia page lists some people he influenced:

Pierre Poiret, John Pordage, William Law, Louis Claude de Saint-Martin, William Blake, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling, Julius Evola

Going through those it seems like area of influence was mostly Enlightenment philosophers, Theosophists, and liberal mainline Protestants. One that stands out is John Pordage, who founded the Philadelphians.

The Philadelphians [...] were a Protestant 17th century religious group in England. They were organized around John Pordage (1607–1681), an Anglican priest from Bradfield, Berkshire [...] Pordage was attracted to the ideas of Jakob Böhme, a Lutheran theosophist and Christian mystic.

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