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After looking at Clarence Larkin's charts, I noticed that some (chart1, chart2) of them associate the Kingdom in Daniel 2:44 with the Millenium Kingdom. Is there any doctrine that supports this? I would hate that the Church is still under the Roman Kingdom - iron and clay. Divided.

enter image description here enter image description here

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The charts alone are a hodgepodge without the accompanying literature. You need to read not only the designated Scriptures, but also Clarence Larkin's notations and narrative. –  Bye Jan 19 at 19:11
What is the millenium kingdom and what is its origin? –  V. Rollins Mar 29 at 23:32
I would like to show you something that can help for your studies. What lines from the Book of Revelation do you feel describes the Second Coming? –  Only he is good. Jul 1 at 2:47

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