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Or are they taken with 'a pinch of salt' as so much of the Old Testament seems to be? If so, how do we know when a line is telling a truth and when we should doubt it?

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is the Old Testament taken with a pinch of salt? –  wax eagle Jan 16 at 16:16
Well, Jonah living in a whale and all that... –  Sehnsucht Jan 16 at 17:01
Anglicanism is a big tent and doesn't offer one answer to the question. The answer depends on one's overarching hermeneutic. Noted Anglican C.S. Lewis said the imprecatory psalms were sub-Christian, whereas noted Anglican J.I. Packer would say they're appropriate. Former Anglican Bishop N.T. Wright (what is it with initials among these guys?) recently wrote a book "urging Christians to live and pray the Bible‚Äôs Psalms" in both public and private worship. –  metal Jan 16 at 17:52
What do you mean by 'taken with a pinch of salt'? Interpreting all of the Bible is a complicated task and shouldn't be dismissed as merely being taken with a pinch of salt. –  curiousdannii Feb 3 at 10:42
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