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We hear a lot at times about the godhead, so that got me wondering: what is the Scriptural basis for the Christian doctrine of Modalism?

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I see a lot of comments but no one actually answering the question by providing scripture that supports Modalism. Too much chatting going on. –  H3br3wHamm3r81 Jan 10 at 6:04
This is an unanswerable question. One cannot point to a unique "Scriptural basis" for Modalistic, Economic, or Hypostatic Trinitarianism. They are three interpretations of the same Scriptural basis. Scripture seems to assert that there are Three, and that each is God, but it doesn't resolve the HOW? for us. The debate gets its momentum from the effects that these interpretations have upon other doctrines--as they create ripple-effects upon the framework of one's entire systematic theology. Please, consider rephrasing the question: perhaps replacing "Scriptural basis" with "rationale". –  David Michael Gregg Jul 25 at 6:40

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