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I have a question about the context of the scriptures as relates to the buying and preparing of the burial spices for messiah. Now the question does not involve other scripture but only the buying in Mark and preparing in Luke. Mark has buy after a day of rest and Luke has prepare before a day of rest. If Luke tells us that the women prepared spices before a day of rest on Saturday then must not Mark be our answer to what and when? --what spices did they prepare, when did they get the spices mentioned in Luke. If Luke was the only scripture reference to spices we could speculate all of these. But proper Biblical exegesis tells us to look around, what does the Word have to say-- so we look to Mark and we see that they bought the spices before they prepared them. This is the only option because having Mark come after the day of rest then has us adding to Luke the what and when. Adding to the Word is not allowed and not even needed- the women bought the spices they prepared- simple right? I am looking for a critique of this exegesis- it seems very clear that the women bought after a day of rest and prepared before a day of rest- hense they did this on Friday after Thursdays day of rest of the first day of the feast of unleavened and before the day of rest on Saturday- both days of rests are taught in the scripture and tell us the true story- do they not. Mary

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Ok-- will somebody help-- i ask for a comment on the exegesis of the Word and one person can put it on hold for being off topic. Since when is exegeting the Word off topic? Just what is on topic? will wax eagle contact me? does not appear to be about "christianity" ? just where outside of the Word do we get anything we put our eternal souls into- messiah is the Word- the Word should be properly examined -- will someone examine and comment? Mary – mary Jan 9 '14 at 1:54
I looked on the help center-- this is all within bounds -- will wax eagle specifiy or whomever thinks it is not about Christianity step forward and show me the part in the help section whereby this fails the "about Christianity" test,, please help-- we are all in this together- the enemy roams around prowling like a lion -- we need to be diligent. Mary – mary Jan 9 '14 at 2:00
this was really hard to follow. It's been migrated to a different site on the network that deals specifically with textual questions, and I've edited to hopefully clarify it. Let me know if the edit misses your intent. – Dan Jan 9 '14 at 4:04

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