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How can we trust Bible if it is written by humans and keeping in mind that there were thousands of scriptures but only some were put in the Bible, so maybe something important is actually missing? How can we trust church itself when it is so humanly not spiritually? It builds big and decorative churches despite the fact that we should be humble. It pushes men to become priests which result in bad or even sinful priests. It tells us to mourn about death, but why should we? God has some kind of a plan or a mission here on earth so when we die it means that we have fulfilled his will, so we should be happy for those who have passed away. Concept of praying is advertised as of asking for favors from God, even during holly Mess we have a moment when we „pray” for needs of the church. I know that it is written that it is not a bad thing to ask from God, but was it given to us because we should do it(and here I don’t see any valid point of that kind of relationship with God, because why would God want for us to beg him for favors, instead of just excepting Him and letting Him guide us and being thankful for everything(including all the suffering, because it is from suffering that we sometimes learn) that He gives to us ) or because we are considered too weak in spirit to trust in God, that's why God allowed us to express what we think we should need. Further more, why do we pray to saints? I understand that the concept is that we ask of them to pray for us to the God but why would God listen to them better than to our prayers, does God follows the system in where some are better than others? And actually, if saints are in paradise, wouldn’t it be against of what we think of a paradise if they are still watching and hearing our sufferings meaning that they are not in peace? And there are many more things that I think church is misleading us or doing thinks that are not according do God. All the mistakes that church has done.. It seams like in the end that church is ruled by men not God... OK for those who didn't understand the question. Can we trust in what church is teaching us?

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"It seams like in the end that church is ruled by men not God". Yes, it is, ALL men are fallen. – Greg McNulty Jan 6 '14 at 0:57
@user 9309,don't trust the church, Trust God!! – 77 Clash Jan 6 '14 at 17:02