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I have been confused by several people telling me different things concerning God being in control.

Is God in control over each detail of our lives? For example:

  • who we get married to
  • who we date
  • who we talk to
  • is there only one person in the whole world who God has already planned for you to marry to?
  • to what school we go to

Or is it that God is not concerned by the little things of our lives?

Some people say to get to know the opposite gender to see who fits your character the best. But then does it mean that God leaves us the decision to choose who we marry to? Or has He pre-designed everything for our lives? Then what is the use of dating?

Maybe my question is confusing or maybe there are multiple questions in my question. If so please indicate to me.

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I think that ultimate control belongs to the human being. A human being can choose to put his life in God's hands, to give Him power to provide good options for our life. – Iulian Dec 31 '13 at 7:57
Hi and welcome! you've asked a really big question, something that people have spent years thinking about an volumes righting about. The reason I've closed your question is largely because of this. There are a wide variety of opinions on the level of control that God has and while most of us believe there is a correct answer, we don't all agree what that is. Please narrow your question to a specific tradition or doctrinal viewpoint. – wax eagle Dec 31 '13 at 12:09