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This article makes the claim, "Noah's Ark Has Been Found. Why Are They Keeping Us In The Dark?"

Of what value is this claim in terms of affirming the account in Genesis 7?

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Regarding all such claims: Like any archeological evidence, the interpretation of the data will inevitably be disputed. That doesn't make archeology useless; it just means it will not provide a "proof" that would convince any reasonable person. The biggest effect credible archeological data would be in how the religious understand the ark story (the hermeneutics of it). For instance, some Christians who consider it myth (e.g., Pete Enns) may take another look and maybe move it into the history (or at least, embellished history) category. –  metal Dec 19 '13 at 18:21
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This claim has no value in affirming the account in Genesis 7.

First, the existence of this structure has been known for a long time, but most geologists--including some creationists--argue that it is a natural formation.

Second, this is only one of many alleged ark resting sites. Others include:

None of these sites has gained acceptance even by the small community of Noah's ark researchers. John Morris (son of Henry Morris, the father of flood geology) has made 13 trips to Ararat in search of the ark. He claims there are several "hot spots" that deserve further investigation, but he does not believe any of the claims of the ark's discovery are reputable.

Hindering the search are false and even fraudulent accounts that embarrass serious searchers. Many have rushed to make claims with supposed evidence that cannot stand up to scrutiny. Yet, public fascination continues. Many people think the resting place and remnants of the Ark have already been found. But where is the physical evidence? We have a lot of smoke, but no fire.

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