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Does capitalization of the word "church" matter, or is it more of a personal preference?

It is obvious why the Bible or Christian is capitalized; they are proper names. A lowercase bible may refer to a reference book, manual, or textbook. Christian is capitalized, presumably because it is a proper name for follower of Christ.

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The Church is referred to as the "Bride of Christ" throughout the NT. It's capitalization simply reflects it's status as a proper noun, subject to capitalization.

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You would use Church (with capital C) when refering to a specific church like: Grace Lutheran Church or Calvary Baptist Church. Or if you refer to the Gathering Jesus started, which we now use to call Church. However, when you say something like Last sunday I went to church you wouldn't need a capital.

So mainly if you refer to the building or institute church there is no capital and if you refer to the Gathering of people in Christ you use Church with a capital.

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