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1 Corinthians 14:39 (NIV)

Therefore, my brothers and sisters, be eager to prophesy, and do not forbid speaking in tongues.

In the early church, the gift of tongues was a common gift which almost everyone received, as we see in the church in Corinth as an example. Paul had to give advice on how to utilize their spiritual gifts in an orderly manner in the church.

However, I can't find any specific method/instruction given in the New Testament on how to receive the gift of tongues. If I want to receive the gift of tongues, what must I do? Is there any instructions given by the early church fathers on how to receive the gift of tongues? Since the New Testament doesn't give any specific instructions on how to receive the gift of tongues, there must be some writings from the church fathers on this issue.

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I don't think there is any one specific way to receive the gift of tongues, but I do believe that there is more to it than just following a set of instructions. You receive it through the gift and power of the Holy Ghost, and by diligence and study.

I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been able to send 18-19 year old young men and women to learn languages in only a matter of weeks.

The idea that one can simply receive such a gift is probably more rare than you think. There were special occasions such as the Day of Pentecost where the Disciples spoke in tongues and that was given to them by the Holy Ghost.

I would strive to gain a testimony and understanding of prophesy.

I hope this helps.

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In some sense, my situation reminds the "speaking in tongues": while I can read English quite fluently, I am hard to write in the foreign language - talk in Tongues...(my native language is Lithuanian) So what did the Bible tells about that?

1Corinthians 14:28 (Orderly Worship) If there is no interpreter, the speaker should keep quiet in the church and speak to himself and God.

While speaking in Tongues is the gift we receive without asking, we are responsible for its orderly usage.

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This gives your instruction, not instructions from the Church Fathers, hence it doesn't answer the actual question that was asked. Please see How we are different than other sites? and What makes a good supported answer? –  David Stratton Dec 3 '13 at 23:48
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See if this helps-- there are two kinds of tongues mentioned in the NT. One is for community edification and teaching ( used less often) and the other is the more personal and private tongues used in prayer times- with or without others present. All things are received through the obedience of faith. If no other instructions arise then in your private prayers speak freely and without reserve- if this helps your prayer life you will know- if not just stop. Mary ( I started to do it by obedience of faith after two elderly ladies took me aside and laying hands on me they prayed I would receive the gift of tongues(not necessary- see peter and Cornelius or Acts 2)- the personal gift is for all- the corporate is for a more select few (I believe))

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"They give themselves up to wild, excitable feelings and make unintelligible sounds which they call the gift of tongues, and a certain class seem to be charmed with these strange manifestations. A strange spirit rules with this class, which would bear down and run over anyone who would reprove them. God’s Spirit is not in the work and does not attend such workmen. They have another spirit. Still, such preachers have success among a certain class." {https://egwwritings.org/?ref=en_1T.414.1}

There is a great work to be done in our world. Men and women are to be converted, not by the gift of tongues nor by the working of miracles, but by the preaching of Christ crucified. Why delay the effort to make the world better? Why wait for some wonderful thing to be done, some costly apparatus to be provided? However humble your sphere, however lowly your work, if you labor in harmony with the teachings of the Saviour, He will reveal Himself through you, and your influence will draw souls to Him. He will honor the meek and lowly ones, who seek earnestly to do service for Him. Into all that we do, whether our work be in the shop, on the farm, or in the office, we are to bring the endeavor to save souls. {RC 256.3} {https://egwwritings.org/?ref=en_RC.256.3}

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