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My pastor told me a tragic story of a brother. Who accepted Jesus Christ and was Born Again. But he was hiding his identity as a Christian. He went back to his home country and married a hindu wife, he kept his Christianity to himself and told no one.

sadly he died.

Now my question is: will Jesus accept him to Heaven or reject him? remember Jesus said "whoever publicity denounces me I will reject him in the face of my father". and the Will of Jesus is that whoever Father gives to Jesus, no evil, destruction, world, disease, demon etc can separate the love from him and Jesus. And he would do all he can so he can have eternal life.

so what is the fate of that brother?


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This seems speculative and contrived, to not reveal ones faith can be different than denying ones faith. To here someone deny their faith does not even prove that they always deny Christ, unless your pastor was speaking of Himself? You say in regard to the brother: “who accepted Jesus Christ and was Born Again”, how does your pastor know factually all this to be true in regard to anyone? – Rick Oct 3 '13 at 15:38
This rings of a question that takes ones eyes off of God and His grace and places them onto a legalistic maze. Neither you nor your Pastor has at their disposal exhaustive information about a brother’s daily walk. – Rick Oct 3 '13 at 15:39
We can't answer the question as stated, for we do not know the fate of this specific individual. However, it could be reworded to be a more general question. – Dan Oct 3 '13 at 16:09
I concur with @Dan, and have VtC because of its inherently-unanswerable current status – warren Oct 3 '13 at 16:10
guys, the wife told the pastor, as well as others. if the Pastor is talking about himself, wouldn't that mean he is dead? – Xino Oct 3 '13 at 17:40

The only one who knows is that brother and the heavenly host. If in his last minutes he repented and gave his life to the LORD Jesus once again, he will be saved, however if he did not he would not.

Regardless of this, Jesus does love him. He loves all His creatures, whether they accept Him or not. This is what you must understand though, even God's strange work of judgement and destruction of the wicked is out of love and mercy, both of the good and the wicked. It seems hard to understand but this is the truth.

How could it be? Let me illustrate. You see a puppy in the pound and you adopt him. You bring him home, you feed him, you care for him, and you give him love. He reciprocates this love to you. He licks you, plays with you, and you could see his joy every time you get home. As time passes, you get married and have children, and your whole family loves and cares for the friend which you once found in the pound. He is not longer a puppy but a grown dog who protects your family. One day you see that he is acting strange. He is not moving as often, he does not eat, and he whines. You take him to the vet, only so that the vet could tell you the terrible news that he has a parasite that is killing him. Keeping him alive will only be more painful for him. Also, he is now a danger to your family as if he plays with your kids they might be infected too. So you make the hardest decision of your life, to put him to sleep.

Did you do it because you didn't love him? Did you do it because you didn't care for him? On the contrary, you did it because you love him and because you love your family.

In the same way the whole human race is infected with a terrible, painful illness called sin. God has provided an antidote for us at the highest price! But He will not violate our free will. We can only chose to accept His gift to us or reject it and die from our illness. Are the wicked destroyed because God doesn't love them? On the contrary God loves them so much that He provided them with the cure, but He cannot force them to take it because He also loves you so much He will not violate your free will.

This is our dilemma.

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