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So, Popes sin too. (At least, I assume they do.)

Presumably, they confess their sin and do penance. Who hears his confession?

Is it an office that rotates, or one individual? And, does the Pope select that person, or is he selected for the Pope? And finally, clearly the confession would be protected by the seal of the confessional, but, is there a recorded instance of it being broken? Surely the secrets would have been tempting to give out...

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Popes confess to another priest, like any other priest. Pope Francis' long-standing confessor is a Croatian Franciscan priest in Argentina, Fr Berislav Ostojic.

People get to choose their own confessor whom they are comfortable with and trust to give good advice. The Pope is no different to anyone else.

I'm not sure that confession can be conducted by telephone, so presumably one goes to see the other.

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Traditional Catholic doctrine would consider confession by telephone invalid (but I'm not sure that would stop Pope Francis). – Andreas Blass Sep 25 '13 at 16:15

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