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I am a Russian Orthodox Christian, and I know other Russian Orthodox Christians who consider a woman's menses to be impure. As a woman, this monthly bleeding is not saying that I am evil or bad during that time. I am simply not pure. Here is a good explanation of this.

However, I know we Orthodox Christians plan our weddings around the bride's menstruation cycle, because she should be completely pure at that time.

Do other Christian denominations do this too?

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Though I'm not a woman or a confidant of women, I've never heard this spoken of before in Protestant circles. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen, but I don't think this is a typical consideration.

Assigning (religious) impurity to menses would require adherence to the Law of Moses, I think. As a personal matter, there's nothing to prohibit someone from concluding that about herself, but since such a link between impurity and menstruation is ever made in the New Testament, I suspect that most protestants won't ever say that the two are inherently linked.

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Most protestant traditions don't focus on religious purity at all, let alone menstruation. First, Gentile Christians aren't required to follow Mosaic law. (Acts 15) Second, because of Grace and Christ's sacrifice, our sins and impurities are cleansed. There's nothing we can do to make ourselves more pure and that includes waiting a couple of days for your cycle to end.

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