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The scripture speaks about the Rapture, and Revelation also speaks about the reign of Jesus Christ on the earth for a certain time of years. Then some say he will hand over the Kingdom to God. Is the tribulation period going to be after the Rapture or before the Rapture? Why did Jesus not speak about his rule after the Rapture and how the devil will be chained and thrown into the bottom less pit and will be taken out and put somewhere else?

It is very complicated to understand what will happen and when. Please explain.

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Hi. christians in the site have diverse interpretation of the scripture regarding end times. From your question, it appears to be a premillenial, pretribulational view. You may check this picture to give you an idea on the various view of end times. – OnesimusUnbound Aug 16 '13 at 6:15

It's not easy to arrange the end time events in a specific order. Events in the Book of Revelation are also not arranged in the exact sequence in which they will happen.

There are some important events which will happen at the end times.

  1. The Rapture: The faithful will be caught up in the sky.
  2. The Woman: Usually identified as the false religion who initially controls the Beast. Also called Babylon, who sits on seven hills.
  3. The Antichrist: The Beast who will enforce the number 666 and controls all economies.
  4. The false prophet: Who works for the Beast and force all mankind to worship the Beast.
  5. The two witnesses: They will proclaim the truth about the Messiah, killed by the Beast in Jerusalem and resurrected by God after 3 days.
  6. The 144,000: They are elected from the 12 tribes of Israel who will sing The New Song.
  7. The Tribulation: Followers of Christ are killed by the Antichrist.
  8. The wrath of God: The wicked people on earth punished by plagues, catastrophes etc.
  9. The second coming: Jesus will come back as the Rider on the White Horse to defeat the Beast and the kings of the earth.
  10. The 1000 years: Jesus will rule the earth while Satan is in the abyss.
  11. The Judgement Day: Satan and anyone whose name is not in the Book of life are thrown into the Lake of Fire.
  12. New Heaven and Earth: The last thing that the Bible mentions about the destiny of the faithfuls.

It's difficult to arrange point 1-8 correctly. Point 9-12 is arranged in the same order as mentioned in the last chapters of Revelation.

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In John 6:39-54 Jesus is quoted 4 times regarding the saints "at the last day." This testimony corresponds with His teaching in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21 about the times of the end and the sequence of events.

These events as well as their ordering are spoken of in Daniel chapters 9-12, where Jesus pointed us all to look. Daniel is told the dead will rise, some to joy and others to everlasting contempt. Isaiah taught the very same in many of its chapters but Isaiah 26: 19-21 is a very good start.

Jesus tells us that things will happen "at the last day" and Paul tells us in 1st Corinthians 15:20-24 and 51-54 that Jesus would raise us at his coming, and that we will all be changed at the "last trump." Paul goes further to make the point in 1st Thessalonians 4:13-18 and 5:1-11. Among other things we are told here, that those of us who are alive will not proceed, go before, those who have fallen asleep. We who are alive will see this all take place, our God does nothing in secret, and nothing before revealing it to his servants and prophets. Amos 3:7.

Further truth can be found in 2nd Thessalonians ch2, 2nd Timothy ch3 and 4, Hebrews ch4, 2nd Peter ch3 and many more.

You can find something about the last days, the salvation of the God's people and the judgment to come on the world in nearly every book of the bible. I hope you find the answers you seek. May God richly bless you in keeping with His promises.

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