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Seems every man and his dog is qualifying for sainthood these days. Pope John Paul II canonised 483 saints, more saints than in the last 500 years.

Is this because - modern science has advanced to the point it is easier to prove miracles - the catholic church has lowered the burden of proof required to class an event as a miracle - more people are performing miracles

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The catholic church, especially through JPII and Pope Francis, stress that there are many saints, even the "regular" saints. Catholic church recognizes, in this way, only a tiny fraction of the saints.

Saints are witnesses to the faith, to the truth. This world badly needs it, so the answer to this, is to "expose" more of those witnesses of faith.

It is not adding saints to get a higher saint-score, it is recognizing what already is.

It is likely that the better communication and documentation of the modern times, helps identify candidates for sainthood.

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