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Are there any historic Christian documents that provide a comprehensive categorization of the commands of the OT Law / mitzvot using the three categories from the WCF?

And, if so, then as a secondary question: Why is it such a list so difficult to find??


The "threefold division of the law" into the categories of moral, civil, and ceremonial, was standardized in the Westminster Confession of Faith, chapter nineteen, and according to some scholars can be traced, in various forms, as far back as the writings of Barnabas.

This page at GotQuestions.org links the "moral" category with a "mishpatim," and the "ceremonial" category with a "hukkim or chuqqah," apparent references to Judaic teachings. The "civil / judicial" category is said to be a creation of the Westminster Divines.

Efforts to research the words "mishpatim," and "hukkim," "chuqqah," online have quickly led to lots of Hebrew text that I don't understand on Jewish sites, and I'm not sure if the GotQuestions page is correct in connecting the Christian and Jewish categories in the first place.

I have found the C.SE questions (1) and (2) to be helpful, but this question doesn't seem to have been directly addressed here (or elsewhere, for all I can tell) in the past. Thanks.

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the Bible is the historic document.

the moral law was written by God's finger. this was placed inside the ark of the covenant.

the ceremonial laws are about ceremonies (all of which pointed to the Messiah, and therefore ended or was fulfilled at the cross).

the remaining are probably the civil laws (mostly of moses). they were placed beside the ask of the covenant.

there are also health laws...

many overlap categories

all of them are there for a purpose.

reference: https://adventistbiblicalresearch.org/sites/default/files/pdf/Is%20Sabbath%20Part%20of%20new%20covenant.pdf

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Welcome to C.SE. When you get the chance, please check out our about and specifically How we are different than other sites. While I agree with you on just about each of these points, this is an academic site where we need to back up our claims. –  Affable Geek Feb 28 at 15:00
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The divisions in the Westminister Confession are based on the Judaic divisions. But the early church focused more on teaching about Grace, not the Law. Starting from Acts 15, Gentiles were admitted to the faith without Jewish conversion or any requirement to follow the Law. There were Christians who kept the Law to varying degrees but those who wanted to know more on it went to the Judaic texts.

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You did not answer the question. –  Steve Sep 27 '13 at 4:14
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