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If I 'guess' that there is a God and live accordingly, could I be considered a true believer? Can faith only be revealed? Is believing not a form of guessing?

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This is a "Truth" question.… – David May 3 '13 at 12:22
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No, you are not a true believer. If you are saying that "living accordingly", as in mouthing prayers, attending church services, and living a basically decent life, while not actually believing that Jesus died for your sins, then no, you are not saved. Evidence: John 3:16 and Rom 10:9.

Yes, it is a way to God. If you are saying that going through the motions is a way to God, then yes. Evidence:

1) "Faith comes by hearing" Rom 10:17.

2) Dietrich Bonhoeffer in Cost of Discipleship offers the advice of "He who obeys believes, and he who believes obeys." He then goes on to advise "obedience" as a remedy to weak faith

3) There's a folk tale of a Scottish pastor who started out as a charlatan. A nonbeliever, he wandered into a town and applied for a job as pastor. The story goes that one day he broke down in tears while preaching, because he had converted himself. One version of a similar story is here:

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