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While some people people that Jesus could have given in to the temptations He suffered and sinned, others do not. They believe that Jesus could suffer temptation, but did not have the capacity to give in to them and actually commit sin.

Therefore, the redemption of mankind was never really in doubt, because Jesus was never going to sin.

What are the theological arguments in support of this position?

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The argument is that Jesus was fully God, and thereby His nature not only was in line with God's it is God's. Since God cannot sin and Jesus is God, Jesus could not sin.

The fact that He is fully God and fully Human enabled Him to experience our human weaknesses, while His holy, perfect, sinless nature enabled Him to experience them without succumbing to them.

A complete theological statement would be "because Jesus was fully Human, He had the capacity to sin, but because of His perfect nature, also being fully God and therefore perfectly good, He could not sin."

Both are true, but people have a hard time wrapping their head around that, choose half the truth, and fall into error.

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