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Did God come to earth and lay with or in other words have sex with Mary? Or was Jesus an Immaculate Conception? I've been told from one church that God place Jesus in Mary, that Jesus is fully God not part Mary. She was like a sarrogate mother. And that Jesus was God's only Son. Another church says Jesus is part Mary also. And That God has other sons. Which is true?

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These days we have Artificial Insemination where a woman can get pregnant without intercourse at all. God might have done the same. But God is God, all powerful. He can do anything. –  Mawia Mar 4 '13 at 13:17
The easiest way to artificially inseminate girl is to simply insert my dick to the girl's cunt. Even if God can artificially inseminate Mary, why would He do it the hard way? Create another unnecessary miracle? Why is this not constructive is beyond me. –  Sharen Eayrs Apr 29 at 1:56
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  1. The Immaculate Conception refers to the conception of Mary herself. When Mary's parents conceived Mary, they would have had original sin of their own to pass on to Mary. This doctrine primarily adheres to Roman Catholics.

    In a nutshell, Original Sin says that human beings are sinners from the moment they are born. If you have original Sin, you're aren't able to pay for someone else's sin, because you have to pay for your own.

  2. The "fully God, fully Man" thing is called "hypostatic union" and refers to the fact that Jesus was both fully human and fully God. Several other answers on this site suss that out a bit more. Usually when we talk about hypostatic union, however, we're not talking about whether or not Jesus is "part Mary" but rather whether or not he is "part human."

    In a nutshell, if he isn't human, he's not really an acceptable sacrifice for our sins. If he isn't God, he is not able to avoid sinning, and thus he would be responsible for his own sin. By saying he is both, he is able to redeem us from our sin.

  3. Whether or not Jesus had other brothers, as reckoned against Mary is a question called "perpetual viginity. Catholics believe that Mary remained a virgin the rest of her life. Protestants believe that after Jesus was born, Mary did have intercourse with her husband Joseph and had other children. What is not in dispute[1], however, is whether or not God chose to father other children, period. As John 3:16 says:

    God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son.

    That only begotten means, the only child.

  4. As to the means by which the Holy Spirit placed the child in Mary's womb, the Bible is silent on the physics of it. In all seriousness, the mechanism isn't important - it's like asking What color is water. Most Christians would find it crass to say "God had sex" but we do not know the means.

[1] Mormons might believe that God had other children on other worlds, but I leave that to the Mormons to exactly clarify that doctrine. In any event, they still hold a high regard for the position of Jesus in this world.

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No, God did not have sex with Mary. God reveals to us that He is spirit--not flesh. Sexual intercourse involves two physical bodies, and God the Father has never had a physical body--or anything physically necessary for procreation. Therefore, it was impossible for Him to have sexual intercourse with Mary.

Furthermore, God reveals the Jesus was not merely conceived of a virgin, but born of a virgin. Mary had never had sexual intercourse when she gave birth to Jesus. So, she could not be a virgin and have ever had intercourse with anyone--even God Himself.

So, God worked a miracle in the conception of Jesus' physical body in the womb of Mary. Without touching her physically, she conceived. So, Mary was indeed the physical mother of Jesus, but Jesus had no physical father.

It should be noted that Jesus is the eternal Son of God. He did not become the Son of God when Mary conceived. Because God is outside the physical universe that He made, the idea of father and son are not biological in nature. Rather, the father and son relationship indicates the Divine order, as the Father sends the Son.

Jesus, the eternal Son of God, became flesh in the womb of Mary, without ceasing to be God the Son. Thus, God entered into His own creation.

There is sufficient evidence to suggest that Mary had other children, but God did not. Jesus is the Father's only begotten Son. There is no other.

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With due respect to a good answer from Affable Geek I find this answer too is a comprehensive one except that the last para. The opinion expressed was unnecessary since the question is well answered without that. I now upvote it with edit. –  Seek forgiveness Mar 5 '13 at 4:01
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