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The International Church of Christ, as I understand, teach the idea of "Disciples Baptism", which is distinct from both "Believer's Baptism" and "Infant Baptism". It teaches that people who are just believers can not be baptized, but only believers who have attained to a certain level of discipleship where they can be considered disciples.

What, is the argument against this specific teaching?

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There are two main arguments against it. One is that it is fairly arbitrary to decide how far advanced in discipleship someone needs to be in order to be baptized. Whatever level you set, there will be some who never attain that level of discipleship - however normal Christian doctrine would say that those people are nonetheless true Christians and members of the church. Likewise some may attain that level of discipleship and then fall from it.

The main one however is that the Bible is full of examples of people who were baptized as soon as they were converted. Acts 2, Philip and the Ethiopian in Act 8, and a whole host more.

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It took me a while to find but, as far defining Disciples Baptism (since you did not supply):
Only a disciple of Christ can be baptized into Christ.
OLD ICOC - http://disciplestoday.org/
NEW ICOC - http://www.usd21.org/

Not much can be saved against a doctrine. It pretty much stands by itself and respected.
Based on these readings: The Holy Spirit dwells in human to save Romans 8:9.
The catch is HUMAN CONSCIENCE: 1 Peter 3:21
Basically saying that I don't know if he/she is saved - only his/her conscience and God.
That is where preachers come in - to state a doctrine.

I think that is why is site does not answer who is saved or what is sin or give Pastoral Advise --- because if anybody has to scream at my conscience it has to be a Pastor of Christ.

thanks for reading

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