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It has proved difficult to find an answer to this question

A quick concordance search of "horn" and you will find many different uses for the word. My center-column notes say "strength." But why? What is the Hebrew sense of this word?

Psalm 92:10 might give a clue:

But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn: I shall be anointed with fresh oil.

Horns are strong, they are used for annointing, for calls to battle. I seem to be answering my own question, however, there seems to be a development of the horn in the Bible, especially in the beasts in Daniel 7 & 8.

The phrase "the son of my right hand" has several understandings, but they are more obvious since handedness is universal. I know what horn means, what does horn really mean?

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LOL... Unicorn. –  user729 Oct 5 '11 at 1:29

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Hermann Gunkel's psalm commentary lets us know this: "The metaphor of the horn, originally used by God (cf. the Babylonian crown of horns) was then transferred to the king, and finally to the normal prayer."1

In the accompanying intruction to the psalms, he calls the horns a "symbol of God's power".2

Spurgeon basically says the same. I quote: "It pleased holy David more that God was his strength than that He gave him strength [...] that God was his fortress, his buckler, his horn, his hight tower" etc.3

You might be suprised, but: that's all that's known.

1: Hermann Gunkel, Die Psalmen (61986), p410
2: Hermann Gunkel, Einleitung in die Psalmen (41985), p148
3: Charles Haddon Spurgeon, The treasury of David (2004), p78

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