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I often deal with anxiety over the decisions I've made. "Did I seek God's will enough?" "Did I care about God's will?" "Oh no! Now I'm stuck! I made this decision without seeking God's will! I'll be like Joshua who didn't seek his will about those...guys...and made a covenant with them!! Now I'll have to suffer with this decision. I know God in Christ loves me and I'm justified despite my sins, but now I'll have to suffer under the consequences of my sin and it will hurt so bad! I'm scared."

So, I probably shouldn't be dealing with such things. But I do. Others in my church do. My friend at work, who also follows the Lord, shared similar stress about a house he and his wife are purchasing and now they are under contract.

On the other hand, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this anxiety is simply the consequence of the sin of not desiring God's will in those split moments.

What does God's word/gospel have to say in regard to this? Does this come out of idols my heart has made within me? How do I minister to others and myself with these stresses?

Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the site! While these are good questions, they're not in line with what the site is meant for. It's not so much a place to look for advice, or Truth, but one to learn about Christianity from a more scholarly view. For further reading, I recommend the FAQ and… and… – David Oct 9 '12 at 0:02
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